Booking System

Enable your customers to book classes, reserve appointments and purchase passes online. This means less effort for you and more convenience for your clients.

Every customer gets his own member area.

Your customers can book, cancel and reserve a class directly online.

Deadlines for registration and cancellation can be set individually.

Current and past bookings can be seen anytime.

Your passes can be purchased and renewed online.

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Interactive schedule

Your class schedule is always up to date and shows all changes such as cancellations, instructor and timetable changes immediately.

Classes can be set as automatically recurring - daily, weekly or monthly.

Set up your workshops and allow your customers to register online.

You can cancel your class with one click. All participants will be informed automatically.

Real time participant list

There is a participant list for every class. All bookings and reservations are visible in real time to the class instructors.

The participant list can be used as an interactive attendance list. Absences can be marked with one click.

The health status of all participants can be viewed and health problems are pointed out.

Cash payments can be accepted directly during the class and recorded in the system.

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Smart waiting lists

Your customers can subscribe to the smart waiting list if the class is booked out. They will be notified automatically with push notifications in case a spot becomes available.

Your classes and workshops are used optimally. No spots are wasted.

The waiting lists are managed automatically and do not require any effort.

If a spot becomes available, the class can be booked directly.

  Rating System

Customer reviews have become more important than ever. They get you significantly more clients and confirm the quality of your services. That is the reason we provide an industry specific rating system.

Receive valuable customer feedback about your classes and your fitness studio.

Learn why some classes and workshops are popular and others aren't.

The customer satisfaction of your clients will be presented effectively and convincingly on your own recommendation page.

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Member Management

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With an integrated member management system, you can maintain all your customer information conveniently in one place, and know the specific needs of each individual.

All your customers’ information can be found in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Customer details can be viewed conveniently.

Passes or bookings can be easily modified.

The customer will be assisted quickly in case of questions or problems.

Instant notifications

Send important notifications quickly and easily to your team and entire customer base.

Send messages as push notification, e-mail or post it in the social network.

Use intelligent receiver groups for example to quickly inform all participants of the next lesson about a change.

For optimal communication.

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  Valuable statistics

Some simple listings and statistics tell you everything you need to know about your business.

All active and canceled subscriptions at a glance.

Receive valuable customer feedback about your classes and your fitness studio.

Learn why some classes and workshops are popular and others aren't.

  Social network

More fun, motivation and inspiration for for your team and your members with an own social network.

Train together instead of alone.

Your members can see when and where their friends are working out and even join them.

Progress, new ideas as well as questions can easily be shared with each other.

Privacy settings can be adjusted individually and data protection is ensured.

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Following up invoices and sending overdue notices is a thing of the past. The system will ensure your finances are kept in order, hassle free.

Your finances are safe and in one place, which only you can access.

Invoices are sent automatically and instantly.

Overdue notices can be sent easily with one click.

Customers can view invoices in the secure member zone.

Have the freedom to accept payments online, at the front desk or anywhere in between.

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3,9% + 0,30 CHF per successful card charge

No setup, monthly, or hidden fees

Pay only for what you use

Real-time fee reporting

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Apps & Integrations

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You’re always in charge of business with bexio.

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Professional newsletters made easy thanks to MailChimp

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