Offer online classes with SportsNow

SportsNow is «simply digital» and offers you the possibility to offer online classes for your members. Be it in real-time via livestream or on demand with videos, we have the right solution for you.

In real time with livestreams

With SportsNow you can share your livestreams directly with your members and hold online classes in real-time.

How it works:

1. Create your online class e.g. «Pilates at home with livestream».

2. Click on «Add livestream» in the participant list to add the link.

3. Your members will be notified automatically and can start the livestream directly with SportsNow

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On demand with videos

With SportsNow you can also offer online classes with on-demand videos that your members can watch at home whenever they want.

How it works:

1. Create your online classes e.g. «Home Training - Pilates»

2. Upload your video and create a video exercise under «My video exercises».

3. Click on «Add video exercise» in the participant list to link the video to your class.

4. Your members can now book your online class and view it at any time. They can also use the comment function to give you personal feedback directly.

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Our offer

SportsNow provides you everything you need! You can choose which features you want to use.

Unlock individual functions and design your desired solution.

Can be terminated by the end of the month at all time.

Try Premium for 14 days for free.

Our recommendation


CHF 90 / Month

The Premium MAX offers you a professional solution for your online classes, membership management and a comprehensive booking system with many helpful features. You can offer online classes in real time via livestream or on demand with videos and also inform your customers optimally.

Ideal for

Established studios that are looking for a professional solution and want to make their life easier with this comprehensive package.



CHF 30 / Month

Alternatively, you can also start with the Premium BASIC version and activate individual functions as Add-Ons. You can offer online classes via livestream and flexibly expand your plan as needed.

Recommended Add-On

Video workouts

Unit price: CHF 15/ month plus VAT

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Virtual tour through SportsNow

What does SportsNow look like? What features are available to me? How do I set it up for my studio? This is what our video shows you!