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Semi Private Personal Training

Friday, 14:00 - 14:55
Weekly class
Grabenstrasse 27, 6340 Baar
Sofia Vieira

Sofia Vieira

Degree in physical and sporting activity sciences, ESP – University of Madrid, 2008-2011
Master’s Degree in Secondary Education (Obligatory, Upper Secondary and Vocational Education) Artistic Education, Language, Teaching and Sports; Specialization: Physical Education, ESP – University of Alicante, 2012-2013
Futsal Instructor, Royal Spanish Football Federation, ESP – Madrid, 2011
Pilates Matwork Instructor, ANEP – Asociación Nacional De Entrenadores De Pilates Y Yoga, ESP – Alicante, 2013
High Performance Personal Trainer and Body Building Techniques, APTA Vital Sport, ESP – Valencia, 2019-2020
UEFA Football Coach Level C / I Level Portuguese, FPF – Portuguese Football Federation, POR – Lissabon, 2012 |2020
Personalworkout Trainer Level III, 2020-

Passes & pricing

Pass Price Period of validity Credit
1 Jahr Semi-Private Personal Training Abo 1x/Woche CHF3,750.00 12 Months 48
1 Jahr Semi-Private Personal Training Abo 2x/Woche CHF5,400.00 12 Months 90
3 Monate Semi-Private Personal Training 1x/Woche CHF999.00 12 weeks 12
3 Monate Semi-Private Personal Training 2x/Woche CHF1,499.00 12 weeks 24