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Katia Wharton

Katia Wharton is the owner and manager of Birthlight Zurich.

After a dance training in classical and contemporary dance and various performances abroad and in Switzerland, Katia Wharton came into contact with Yoga in 1995 in London. She found through the practice of yoga and meditation a feeling of inner peace which she liked from the start. She felt round, filled with light and carried by it. It brings her moments of intensive sense of presence in her body, moments in which the mind feels less scattered, stops to chatter and thoughts become calmer. She is at heart a mystic. Questions such as Who am I? Where do I come from? Where I am going? accompany her journey within.

She has practised various forms of Yoga from Iyengar to the more dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga to the Yoga de l’énergie. After completing her yoga training at Yogaarts in Australia (9 months Intensive Sadhana), we went on to train with Françoise Babira Freedman, who inspired her to teach Perinatal and Baby Yoga and to build up the Birthlight Center in Zürich with Cheryl Bernardi.

From Birthlight and the Yoga de l’énergie she takes the joy of Being in the moment. Her classes integrate safe movements, the Birthlight micromoves and sounding. She likes to empower women in the birth they have chosen. Although she favours a natural birth, she believes that it is not the type of birth that you choose that counts, but your experience of it. It is not about achieving anything but about being present with what is, as it comes, and feeling connected to yourself through love with your baby. This trusting in the moment makes a natural birth easier.
Katia also loves to teach Baby Yoga. There are moments of joy in which women create a loving connection with their babies through movement, sound and singing.