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Jordi Rozijn

Jordi ist 22 Jahre alt und studiert Sportwissenschaften und Psychologie an der Universität Bern. Er ist ein sehr offener und kontaktfreudiger Mensch und spielt in seiner Freizeit Eishockey. Als Coach motiviert er gerne andere zum Sport treiben und fördert sie individuell, damit sie ihre sportlichen Ziele erreichen können.

Laurence Warren

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Luna Urio

Luna is originally from Ticino but came to Zurich to study Nutritional Science where she earned her Masters from ETH. In the last couple of years, she followed her passion for Yoga to become a certified instructor and teach classes.
It is important to her, that the participants in her classes can switch off and relax from the busy world around them, reload their energy levels and find some peaceful minutes.

Malick N'Diaye

Malick ist unser Athletic Coach, der schon diverse Profisportler gecoacht hat. Mit seinem Wissen in der Trainingslehre und dem breiten Repertoir an Übungen pusht er jeden an seine Leistungsgrenze und darüber hinaus.

Michael Stössel

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Nadine Blum

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Pascal Müller

Pascal has been coaching upcoming talents and professional athletes for the last 8 years. His philosophy is to teach proper technique and foster the efficiency of movement. Both are equally important for anyone who wants to be healthy and move with ease.
Personally, Pascal grew up competing in various different material arts, mastering mobility, strength, speed, and endurance.