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BY Yoann le Privert & Angel Bashile.
Personal training is the best and most effective way to achieve and maintain the results you always looked for. Working with a Personal Trainer will help you train in proper form and technique and prevent injuries. The benefits of having a personal trainer planning a program specially designed for your needs are endless. Get a fresh new perspective & ideas on health, nutrition and fitness. Challenge yourself with every workout.I specialised myself in sports performance training, weight loss and strength. I am highly qualified in helping you to achieve your fitness goals and maintain a fitness routine that really works for you in the long run.
Currently, we offer our services as a Personal Trainer in Zurich, in a private gym (no membership needed), at your home and outdoor.

Ours personal training sessions are individualise, Challenging and fun. Whether you are an athlete trying to gain top performance results, an individual looking to lose weight or simply want to get fitter, I offer programs that can help you achieve the most efficient results. My mentality is to educate my clients and offer the best support I can.