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Matthew Wilson


SPTV Senior Personal Trainer

PICP Level 3 Strength Coach

Poliquin Group BioSignature Level 1&2 Practioner

Strength Sensei Metabolic Analytics Level 1&2 Practioner

Premier Global REPs Level 3: Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach

Premier Global Sports Massage Therapist

Precision Nutrition Certification Level 1

Functional Medicine Practioner FMU (currently studying)

Tom Crudgington’s Personal Trainer Mentorship Program

Body Deveolpment Bath 2012-2014

Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain Enhancement:

Squat and Deadlift Module

Pressing and Chin Ups Module

Shoulder and Arm Module

Strength Sensei

Practical Models of Strength & Power Development

Advanced Strength and Program Design

Hypertrophy Bootcamp

Muscle Nerds Online Mentorship Programme

Jan 2017 – Jun 2017

Kilo Strength Society Program Design